Welcome to The BRIGHT Club, the UK’s first vegan members club, created by BRIGHT Zine.

The BRIGHT Club is a global network for vegans and vegan businesses with a physical hub in the heart of East London, featuring a co-working and events space.

We have designed our membership packages to be used by anyone and everyone. You don’t need to be a business owner or an entrepreneur to access The BRIGHT Club, or be working within veganism to join. If you are a freelancer and need somewhere to work - whatever you’re working on - you can join us and work at The BRIGHT Club. If you don’t need the co-working space but want to join the network and access other Club benefits we have a community package designed for you.



We have four membership tiers, each with different levels of access to the workspace, club events and a range of perks. If none of the options below quite work for you get in touch as we can tailor packages to meet more specific needs such as short-term access and team memberships.

The BRIGHT Club | Community vegan members club brunch coworking


This package is ideal for people that want to be part of the growing vegan community but might not need access to a co-working space.

If you already subscribe to BRIGHT - or are thinking of it - then this is the membership for you as it also includes an annual subscription to the magazine making it excellent value for money. 

You’ll also get discounts in The BRIGHT Store - on drinks and food as well as any products or merch (in-store only) - so you’ll be getting returns on your subscription with ease. 



Are you a freelancer, starting out with a new business or do you work on your own projects part time? If so this is the membership for you. 

If you are building a new business or concept then the support of The BRIGHT Club will be invaluable as you will have access to business advice and toolkits and the opportunity to meet and network with other young business owners or freelancers. 

For a reasonable rate of £30 per month (plus VAT) you have one day per month’s co-working access, with the ability to purchase additional days - or upgrade your membership - as well as access to meeting space, discounts to events and in The BRIGHT Store plus a subscription to BRIGHT.



Our part-time membership is ideal for people that need somewhere to work but the flexibility of accessing the space a few days a month. 

Some of our part-time members are people not based in London who commute in just a couple of times a month. Others are young businesses using the space for their admin or team days, balanced with their ‘on the job’ days such as those in street food. 

Being a part-time member also comes with the benefit of two free yoga classes a month, discounts to events and in the store plus a subscription to BRIGHT.



Full-time members can access the space as and when they want, as many times a month as required. This membership is ideal for someone running their own business, working freelance or with flexible working conditions. 

Being the most enhanced level of membership they receive the highest amount of perks and benefits such as 15% off selected events, six yoga sessions a month, discounts in the store, a subscription to BRIGHT plus an extra special welcome gift.  This is also the only level of membership that has exclusive discounts with our gym partners



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To join The BRIGHT Club create an account using the link below and select the level of membership as outlined above.
Please read and agree to the Club Rules before signing up.