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#SupportVeganBusiness: Branding and Social Media with GH05T

GH05T Social Media & Branding Workshop | Support Vegan Business | BRIGHT Zine | The BRIGHT Club.png

Join us for The BRIGHT Club's #SupportVeganBusiness workshops

When you start a business you have to learn everything - even the things you don't know you need to know! These sessions are designed to provide that support from experienced businesses or agencies and will be supplemented by a vast range of resources and materials. 

Purpose, Identity & Growth: Branding And Your Social Presence: Thurs 21 Nov 2019

Led by secret social media and branding agency GH05T this session will enable you to develop your business's purpose and identity and understand growth. There will be practical tips on how to develop a strong brand and how to develop and maintain your social presence. 

The sessions will include presentations, discussions and practical exercises. Bring your current challenges and let’s discuss some solutions!

You can also save on a three-session pass, giving you access to this workshop and our upcoming Social Media and Recruitment workshops too.

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